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Mercurial (hg default)

  1. added a couple of structured proofs (detail)
  2. More obsolete "unfold" calls (detail)
  3. getting rid of apply (unfold ...) (detail)
  4. More syntactic cleanup. LaTeX markup working (detail)
  5. more modernisation of syntax (detail)
  6. Removal of obsolete ASCII syntax (detail)
  7. clarified options; (detail)

Mercurial (hg default)

  1. merge from afp-2021-1 (detail)
  2. regenerate site; (detail)
  3. afp site: minor stylistic improvements; (detail)
  4. web entry for Stalnaker_Logic (detail)
  5. new entry: Stalnaker Logic (detail)
  6. clarified options, following f2094906e491; (detail)

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