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  1. Many changes to entry `Complex_Bounded_Operators`:
    - Removed all use of deprecated `⟨.,.⟩` syntax for complex inner product. (Now: `∙⇩C`)
    - Cosmetic changes and cleanup of some proofs
    - Type class `one_dim` inherits from `complex_inner` now.
    - Moved various theorems around between theories
    - Added `[simp]` to: `Proj_partial_isometry`, `cadjoint_id`
    - Removed theorems: `onorm_Inf_bound`, `norm_unit_sphere`
    - Changed theorems: `of_complex_cblinfun_apply` (made into more general simp-rule), TODO orthospacething
    - New definition: `rank1` (and lemmas about it)
    - New theorems: `one_dim_iso_cblinfun_apply`, `vector_to_cblinfun_one_dim_iso`, `image_vector_to_cblinfun_adj`,
      `image_vector_to_cblinfun_adj'`, `sgn_cinner`, `orthocomplement_top`, `orthogonal_spaces_ccspan`, `norm_scaleC_sgn`,
      `one_dim_ccsubspace_all_or_nothing`, `surj_isometry_is_unitary`
    - Renamed `vector_to_cblinfun_cblinfun_apply` -> `vector_to_cblinfun_cblinfun_compose` (also turned around and added `[simp]`),
      `cancel_apply_Proj` -> `Proj_fixes_image`, `range_is_clinear` -> `range_is_csubspace`.
    - Changed definition: `is_Proj` (logically equivalent by `Proj_range_closed`)

    Fixed entry `Registers` due to the changes above. (detail)

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